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Recent Reviews
Feb 13, 2017
Review by Damien
Very nice and very cheap! Perfect for coins.
Jan 12, 2016
Review by Azizan
Good job
Jan 9, 2016
Review by Jordan82
Convenient especially when using a bike, or when there 's so much movement.
Aug 24, 2016
Review by jordan82
Very fast shipping great product......
Dec 7, 2016
Review by jordan82
Fast shipping, high quality leather with fine details recommended for all those who love the quality!!
Jun 14, 2016
Review by Cucoo
This little denim wallet is perfect as a secondary wallet for days at the beach or whenever I don't want to bring my regular wallet. It's small yet still fits a couple cards and bills.
Apr 18, 2016
Review by Sergio
I was a bit reluctant to spend "so much" on a belt, but decided to purchase because of Samurai's reputation and the fact that they cut the leather to match the waist curve.

You absolutely get what you pay for. The leather is gorgeous, the metal buckle is heavy enough to use as a weapon. All in all, this thing is legit.
Mar 30, 2016
Review by Gianvito
fast shipping .. great price ... it is very fragrant remains for days into your jeans!
Jan 26, 2016
Review by Jin
Quality is on par with Momotaro Denim. Great as a wallet to hold cards, cash, and coins.
Nov 16, 2015
Review by Beef Ledger
This is tasty but the smell when you open the tin is an absolutely beautiful essence of peach! The tin is handsome too!

I like these!
Sep 17, 2015
Review by Atanas D.
Small, fine perfect for shopping!
Aug 9, 2015
Review by Atanas D.
Fast delivery, everything perfect!
Jul 9, 2015
Review by นวินทร์ อ.
Very Good I'm Happy :)
Apr 9, 2015
Review by Thomas
I purchased this item more or less as an add on to a pair of Oni 517s that I ordered because I simply enjoyed the look of the tin. When I received it, I was oddly surprised that it was the size that it was. I was expecting a dinky little tin of mints, but was pleasantly surprised to find deliciously flavored hard candies. For every subsequent order I make from Denimio, I will definitely be adding a tin of Momo Drops to my cart!
Aug 29, 2015
Review by jing z.
I can put coins and cards
Aug 28, 2015
Review by Disphol
It is like my first aid kit. Samurai really stress on quality for all their products. The belt has really clean edges and these should be areas to look for when buying a belt. I am certain that this belt will last more than 20 years with normal use. My true waist is 32" and I bought size 34, as suggested by the web store, and it fits perfectly (leave some room for the jeans).
Aug 27, 2015
Review by Chris S.
i don't recall buying them - they're probably not my size anyway but I will try to squeeze my fat arse into them.
Do you give refunds if they split I wonder ?
Jul 10, 2014
Review by Jeremiah
Good quality, lovely denim. Enough said really, it does what it's meant to.
Mar 29, 2014
Review by Damien Sng
Very good for storing iPhone 5 and other phones, check the measurements before hiying, good quality product worth buying
Mar 29, 2014
Review by Damien Sng
Second review and second purchase, bought as a gift, highly recommended and they liked it very much, cheaper than retail price definitely

Mar 29, 2014
Review by Damien Sng
Fantastic raw denim quality. Came in perfect condition, highly recommended for anyone. Authentic momotaro

Mar 29, 2014
Review by Damien Sng
Cheap and authentic, very highly recommended to put small items like coins and cards. Very versatile. Very nice design.
Mar 29, 2014
Review by MOHD FARIS
the best phone case ever.Made with proud of quality denim and great workmanship.Denim Head will like this..good luck and thanks to all item from AND store friendly user by kanako
Mar 29, 2014
Review by Damien Sng
As same with te coin case, authentic, highly recommended, momotaro denim is of the highest quality.

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