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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Samurai Jeans – SJ42CP Heavy Chino Pants Review by @indigoshrimp

It's an honor to have Mike from @indigoshrimp with us to review SJ42CP Heavy Chino Pants. What's exactly special from these chino pants? Check it out : Overview If you have any interest in reproduction workwear or Japanese denim, you’d have heard of Samurai Jeans – hardcore denim fans will all be familiar with Samurai’s famous leather patch depicting the very short duel between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro. A relatively new brand as far as hardcore Japanese denim makers go, Samurai Jeans was created in 1997 by Toru Nogami, aiming to push the boundaries of reproduction workwear and introduce Japanese elements into Americana jeans making. Continue reading →... ... Read more

Top Picks for Autumn

Autumn is approaching and for many, this means it's the best time to complement your wardrobe with new things that will be reliable companions for you during this coming season. For clothes designed for autumn, a characteristic requirement for significant heat preservation is a must, at the same ti... Read more

Top 10 weird things people have done to their denim

As we all know, untreated raw denim is essentially a "clean canvas" - and, if I may say so, also a creative space for its owner. Identical, dark, crispy blue jeans are being bought everyday, but only after certain amount of wear and tear can you truly call them yours. As... ... Read more

The Top 7 Most Popular Denim Soaking Practices

When you buy your non-washed denim jeans, probably the first thing you should do with them (before wearing them ;) is to SOAK them. You can have jeans either from raw denim, which have not been subjected to any treatment at all, or sanforized denim, the material of which (it is... ... Read more

The Ever Stylish And Versatile Black Denim

Black denim As you may know, traditional classic denim is a cotton twill and an interlacement of a colored warp thread and an unpainted weft yarn. The main or most popular color, of course, is the dark blue indigo color. However, in any tradition, there are always variations and denim is no except... Read more

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