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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Fades – the best kind of personalization

Vintage x High contrast fades Raw denim - Fading is definitely a good way to get a nice change in the color of your jeans. It can be said quite certainly that regardless of the desires and preferences of the owner himself, fading will manifest itself on jeans, somewhere more, and somewhere less. Indigo dye itself is very unstable and due to the fact that the core of the thread remains unpainted, the jeans acquire a characteristic and individual "tie-dye" for the owner. But how it will be in the end depends on many different factors. Let's try to identify the main criteria that affect this or that kind of fading of your jeansThe intensity of motor activity (everything is simple: the more you wear, the more jeans rub) How often you wash your jeans Staining of yarns Raw materials usedIt should be warned that the beautiful picture on the net with nicely faded jeans does not mean your pair will look exactly the same in six months or a year, even if you have the same model. The fact is t... Read more

Oni Denim – 122ZR-S Shin Secret Denim jeans review by Indigoshrimp

ONI just released a brand new, highly innovative SHIN fabric. We have the pleasure of having Mike, who you might know as indigoshrimp on instagram or from his amazing blog, to review this very special piece of denim! The very first pair of Japanese jeans ever made was the result of a three way...... Read more

Embrace the "wabi-sabi" characteristics of raw denim

  Features of Japanese jeans At the moment, when it comes to really high-quality traditional denim, in which the traditions of the past are reflected to a greatest extent, the jeans from Japanese manufacturers mainly come to mind as the best options. If you had the chance to take these gorgeous... Read more

Selvedge color- the stories that come in the weave

  Currently, jeans from raw selvedge denim are very popular. The colored thread woven into the edge is a kind of "identification mark", indicating the quality of the jeans and the traditional approach to their production. We all know (probably) that now the fashion for such jeans has covered al... Read more

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