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Get Your Jeans Fit Again - 6 Hacks to Stretch and Shrink Your Denim

We bet some of you have been struggling to find the jeans that perfectly fit you. After countless hours of research, you’ll find a few cuts and fabrics that you love. Then, you’ll try them on until you finally find the jeans that fit you the best. However, despite of your efforts, it is quite a hassle to sustain the fit that was initially perfect. Weiterlesen →... Read more

Vasco Leather Goods - For the Modern Day Explorer 

7 Things Not to do When Shopping for Raw Denim

From Customers to Customers: Pailot River (Red Moon) – Short Rider Wallet PR-SR01B Review by Indigoshrimp

Peter’s "Ocean-Lake Combo Double-Wash" (in his Favorite Raw Denim)

A Tribute to the 1944 Levi's 501, Samurai Style (Samurai S3000VX 17oz)

Among our favorite Samurai Jeans models is the unique S3000VX 17oz. Many fans of Samurai Jeans will recognize this pair from the unusually dope hand-painted pocket arches (typically Samurai Jeans uses the usual stitching pattern on the back pockets). This is by far one of our favorite features of this denim, but... Read more

7 Kick-Ass Bags Made in Japan: You Won't Want To Put These Down

Redmoon: Japan's Most Famous Leathercraft

We've all seen it. The legendary big concho with the Native American image against a beautiful, often worn-out, leather background: a Redmoon wallet - one of the most recognized leather products made exclusively in Japan."Redmoon products are handmade by skilled Japanese artisans, personally selected by the owner, Goto Keichiro himself..."Don't recall seeing it?  Let us... Read more

Denim Stories – Sorcery, Blood, Real Warriors and the ONI 517xx Coincidences (Halloween Special)

Rick, one of our amazing customers, has recently sent us a story explaining why his new 517xx contest ONIs are now his favorite jeans. And it's so much more than just the jeans: sorcery, exile, rituals, battles and real Samurais -- the cool coincidences in Rick's family history abound. Perfect for Halloween... Read more

10 denimheads explain their passion for japanese raw denim

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