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Summer-Weight Denim to Beat the Heat!

Summer-Weight Denim to Beat the Heat! Already deep into summer, we soon will be at a point where high noon is unbearable, but like all denim warriors, we wear our raws proudly through the sweat, discomfort -- and looking stylish as hell -- because it is important to make sacrifices for what you love.  So following our last Blog Post that showcased the must-have vintage-made t-shirts of your favorite Japanese brands, we now turn our attention to the bottoms, the core, our passion: denim… with a summer twist. If you want to skip the read and go straight to our selection including all light denim we have available, click here. Our recommendation: continue reading to get an idea of the highlights (pun intended) we have in the summer denim department before you dive deep into the full selection.   You will find this interesting, as the original denim made by Levi's in the middle of the 19th century was actually similar to some of these weights.  The OG Levi's 1890 Model was a mere ... Leggi di più

Hand-Wash and Machine Wash: Essential Washing Guidance for Better Jeans

Wash your jeans! Don't you dare wash them! No no, just freeze them! Forget freezing them, just light them on fire and that’s it! There are so many conflicting advices out there about the perfect way to care for your jeans. From baking them in an oven (as in, for... ... Leggi di più

What Do Denimheads Think About Momotaro Jeans?

Don't just take our word for it! We want you to hear it from the fans, other customers and the experts. Here' s what they are saying about the one-and-only Momotaro Jeans - the flagship brand of Japan Blue which proudly bears its recognizable battle stripes.  Read below for a selection... ... Leggi di più

What Do Denimheads Think about Samurai Jeans?

Your thoughts are heard! Find out what are denimheads are saying about Samurai Jeans - the iconic brand that has successfully created unique jeans that merge quality and rarity. These legendary jeans were the first to initiate innovative experiments to develop original fabrics with texture and agi... Leggi di più

5 Staple Styles to have in your Summer T-shirt Collection

Summer’s here and we’re getting sick of heavy fabrics. Cotton and muslin are much better, we say, in providing the cool (both meanings apply) in your daily outfit. For instance, imagine yourself on the sunny Californian coast, a Long Island in hand…dressed in the most cool and breezy Tshirt on... Leggi di più

Part Myth, Part Truth - 5 Denimhead Beliefs Explained

They may be the most comfortable clothes that you can own. But are you sure that you are taking care of them properly? There are beliefs everywhere; freeze your jeans! No no, don't wash them. They are your closest life companions, and definitely, you should treasure them—while you’re lucky enoug... Leggi di più

VASCO – Treat yourself with some quality japanese leather luggage for your next vacation

Summer is coming and that means soon it’s vacation time. Vacation time also means being on the move – to the beach, trough the city, on tops of mountains. Basically wherever you journey might take you. It is pretty obvious to us that you will travel in some first class... ... Leggi di più


For Denimio by The Denimhound Until you become familiar with non-wash unsanforized denim, predicting how much it will shrink can seem complicated. Through trial and error, I've found a few simple things you can consider that will help you purchase a better fitting pair of jeans. Continua a leggere ... Leggi di più

Big John RARE R009 Jeans - @IndigoShrimp Review

Here is a review on Big John by @indigoshrimp: Overview Big John is one of the heavy weight originals of Japanese denim, preceding even the Osaka 5 (who spearheaded the reproduction denim trend starting in the mid-1980s), but is seldom seen among Western denim circles. Indeed, as the raw denim trend... Leggi di più

How To Fade Your Denim Like A Boss

It is not a secret that raw denim starts to fade after sometime. The fades (wrinkles, honeycombs, whiskers) will look different and unique for every pair of jeans. It is influenced by individual lifestyle, job, hobby, and even things we carry in the pockets. There can be no two pairs... ... Leggi di più

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