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5 Staple Styles to have in your Summer T-shirt Collection[:]

Summer’s here and we’re getting sick of heavy fabrics. Cotton and muslin are much better, we say, in providing the cool (both meanings apply) in your daily outfit. For instance, imagine yourself on the sunny Californian coast, a Long Island in hand…dressed in the most cool and breezy Tshirt one can pair with jeans (hey, jeans are beach apparel here;). Now, luckily, we at Denimio can read minds- here is the perfect guide to your must-have summer Ts, and be warned, they’re HOT HOT HOT!   The Simple White Ts Sometimes, we lean toward the tagline” Less is More.” (To be honest, this happens on my lazier days.) What could go wrong, when you KNOW that your jeans are the total highlight of the show? Simple, easy, and effective, just a simple and nice Tshirt can direct everyone’s’ gaze to your new Tanukis, without having to go to the whole “I’m bending down in a weird way so my back pocket would show up in your face way” saga. So what’s the secret to choosing ... Read more

Part Myth, Part Truth - 5 Denimhead Beliefs Explained

They may be the most comfortable clothes that you can own. But are you sure that you are taking care of them properly? There are beliefs everywhere; freeze your jeans! No no, don't wash them. They are your closest life companions, and definitely, you should treasure them—while you’re lucky enoug... Read more

VASCO - 최상의 일본 가죽 가방으로 다가올 휴가를 대비하세요

여름이 다가오고 있고 그 말은 곧 휴가철이라는 것을 의미합니다. 휴가철은 해변으로, 시내로, 산으로 떠난다는 것을 의미합니다. 여러분들이 여행을 갈 때마다, TCB, ONI 혹은 Japan Blue의 고품질의 일본 셀비지 데님, 아마 Studio d... Read more


For Denimio by The Denimhound Until you become familiar with non-wash unsanforized denim, predicting how much it will shrink can seem complicated. Through trial and error, I've found a few simple things you can consider that will help you purchase a better fitting pair of jeans. Continue reading &r... Read more

Big John RARE R009 Jeans - @IndigoShrimp Review

Here is a review on Big John by @indigoshrimp: Overview Big John is one of the heavy weight originals of Japanese denim, preceding even the Osaka 5 (who spearheaded the reproduction denim trend starting in the mid-1980s), but is seldom seen among Western denim circles. Indeed, as the raw denim trend... Read more

How To Fade Your Denim Like A Boss

It is not a secret that raw denim starts to fade after sometime. The fades (wrinkles, honeycombs, whiskers) will look different and unique for every pair of jeans. It is influenced by individual lifestyle, job, hobby, and even things we carry in the pockets. There can be no two pairs... ... Read more

Must-Have Pieces to Become a Street-Style Legend

If you are looking for a casual but creative urban look that will not compromise your style, we have great news for you - the launch of our new Denimio Streetwear Fashion category. Streetwear (with cotton as the go-to material), is all about being comfortable - in your clothes and with your own..... Read more

HAND ROOM – Minimal and Elegant Selvedge Denim and Shirts

In 2016, we promised you more exciting brands, so we would like to take a moment to introduce you to one of them: Hand Room, a label we are super excited about and that is a great example of our ideal of stocking rare and little known brands for you... ... Read more

8 Decoded Denimio Jeans Silhouettes

Jeans being a staple in every man's wardrobe, it's crucial to find the style that fits you best. There are a lot of options out there and that's what this article is all about. We are here to break past those barriers with a useful buying guide to men's jeans... ... Read more

We Think Bigger (A guide to our bigger sized jeans options!)

You know who you are. You love denim and want a pair of vintage-made Japanese selvedge denim but you simply can't fit into the smaller sizes made for the smaller Asian body-types.  We at Denimio provide different channels where customers can easily contact our team in order to help find... ... Read more

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