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Blue Sakura : where legacy and craftsmanship merge into one[:]

Japanese brand Blue Sakura was founded in 2016 in Okayama. Although it is a pretty young brand, it started conquering popularity among fans that favor both classic denim and fashion clothes.    The brand was founded by Shuji Ishibashi with the help of Whoval Inc. which has existed since 2009. Experience in various  types of manual post processing had been grounded in Whoval, making sure Blue Sakura covers these important details and designs through and through.  Blue Sakura is used to relying on traditions, quality and adherence to ecological standards in their manufacturing processes.  If you take a look at the Blue Sakura collection, you can note that the clothes produced by this brand were inspired by vintage fashion. However, they are designed with trendy silhouettes. Right here we can see both elements of the American legacy and especially Japanese original details. Blue Sakura produces both jeans with raw selvedge and jeans with post processing that are mad... Read more

Hosu- the master of all

Hosu is a Japanese brand that goes greatly out-of-bounds when competing with other denim brands on Denimio. A brand known for its nostalgia, Hosu links styles that are half street and half traditional- and it's easy to see why its had maintained popularity since it first launched.Made from raw den... Read more

Find unbridled joy in...BELTS!

If you are reading this text, surely you have been a fan of excellent Japanese denim for a long time or at least, are planning to buy one:) Classical silhouettes, interesting details, and beautiful "aging" indigo color - that is what inevitably fascinates and attracts all new and new fans to... ... Read more

Get a breath of fresh air

Spring has finally come and we are more than ready to shake of the dreary weather outifts. We created a new category for you where you can find interesting clothes that are basically tailor-made for this weather. In this category, you'll be able to find the up and coming spring collection... ... Read more

Mr. Olive

  The Japanese brand Mr. Olive was founded in 2003. It was created by a designer Wataru Nagao. This brand does not make a significant accent on jeans, although denim clothing are prominently present in their collections. Mr. Olive tries to produce a complete collection of men's casual clothing ... Read more

Know your colors- red, green, and blue!

We all love jeans with a saturated indigo color. This classic dark color is very beautiful and over time, acquires new shades during fading. Some like contrast fading and prefers going on a long time without washing their jeans, while some like the softer "vintage" style of fading with lighter... ... Read more

Valentines Day Outfit Guide For Denim-lovers

Friends, we all love denim-style jeans and clothes. The beautiful contrast fading is important for us as well. And some denim lovers prefer to wear their favorite pair of Japanese jeans up to their utterly dilapidated condition, finding aesthetics in this "gradual aging" of their favorite things... Read more

Oni Denim – 122ZR-S Shin Secret Denim jeans review by Indigoshrimp

ONI just released a brand new, highly innovative SHIN fabric. We have the pleasure of having Mike, who you might now as who you might know as indigoshrimp on instagram or from his amazing blog, to review this very special piece of denim! The very first pair of Japanese jeans ever made was the..... Read more

Embrace the "wabi-sabi" characteristics of raw denim

  Features of Japanese jeans At the moment, when it comes to really high-quality traditional denim, in which the traditions of the past are reflected to a greatest extent, the jeans from Japanese manufacturers mainly come to mind as the best options. If you had the chance to take these gorgeous... Read more

Selvedge color- the stories that come in the weave

  Currently, jeans from raw selvedge denim are very popular. The colored thread woven into the edge is a kind of "identification mark", indicating the quality of the jeans and the traditional approach to their production. We all know (probably) that now the fashion for such jeans has covered al... Read more

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