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Top 10 weird things people have done to their denim

As we all know, untreated raw denim is essentially a "clean canvas" - and, if I may say so, also a creative space for its owner. Identical, dark, crispy blue jeans are being bought everyday, but only after certain amount of wear and tear can you truly call them yours. As we like to say, jeans are your second skin and they should be unique! When it comes to beginners or people generally far from the "world of Japanese denim,"many things that denimheads do with their jeans may seem strange and even very far from common sense. Some of these phenomena have a logical rationale and practical meaning, while some are just an personal eccentricity. We're writing this in hope to help clarify some of the bizarre and out-of-space actions that people will go to to get their jeans "right". Join us! Continue reading →... ... Read more

The Top 7 Most Popular Denim Soaking Practices

When you buy your non-washed denim jeans, probably the first thing you should do with them (before wearing them ;) is to SOAK them. You can have jeans either from raw denim, which have not been subjected to any treatment at all, or sanforized denim, the material of which (it is... ... Read more

The Ever Stylish And Versatile Black Denim

Black denim As you may know, traditional classic denim is a cotton twill and an interlacement of a colored warp thread and an unpainted weft yarn. The main or most popular color, of course, is the dark blue indigo color. However, in any tradition, there are always variations and denim is no except... Read more

Distressed Jeans

  It’s no secret that for many Japanese jeans fans, raw or dry denim, stands to be the most interesting and coveted factors of all. The idea of jeans in its "primordial form" attracts people by its variability, individuality, and originality, while the ability to create your own "denim story"... Read more

Summer-Weight Denim to Beat the Heat!

Summer-Weight Denim to Beat the Heat! Already deep into summer, we soon will be at a point where high noon is unbearable, but like all denim warriors, we wear our raws proudly through the sweat, discomfort -- and looking stylish as hell -- because it is important to make sacrifices for... ... Read more

غسيل يدوى أو فى الغسالة: الدليل الرئيسى للغسيل لجينز أفضل

إغسل الجينز! لاتجرأ بذلك! لا لا، قم بتجميدهم! إنسى أمر تجميدهم، قم بحرقهم وذلك كل شىء! هناك الكثير من النصائح المتناقضة عن الطريقة الأمثل للإعتناء بالجينز. من أول خبز... Read more

What Do Denimheads Think About Momotaro Jeans?

Don't just take our word for it! We want you to hear it from the fans, other customers and the experts. Here' s what they are saying about the one-and-only Momotaro Jeans - the flagship brand of Japan Blue which proudly bears its recognizable battle stripes.  Read below for a selection... ... Read more

ما رأى الدنيم هيدز ب Samurai Jeans؟

تم سماع أفكاركم! إعرفوا ماذا يقول الدنيم هيدز عن Samurai Jeans - الماركة الشهيرة التى نجحت فى صنع جينز فريد يدمج بين الجودة والندرة. هذا الجينز الأسطورى كان الأول لإطلاق تج... Read more

٥ ستابل ستايلز يجب إضافتهم لتشكيلة الصيف

الصيف هنا وقد مللنا من الأقمشة الثقيلة. القطن والموصلين أفضل بكثير فى منح الإنتعاش للبسك اليومى. على سبيل المثال، تخيل نفسك على ساحل كاليفورنيا المشمس، جزيرة طويلة ... Read more

Part Myth, Part Truth - 5 Denimhead Beliefs Explained

They may be the most comfortable clothes that you can own. But are you sure that you are taking care of them properly? There are beliefs everywhere; freeze your jeans! No no, don't wash them. They are your closest life companions, and definitely, you should treasure them—while you’re lucky enoug... Read more

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