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Choosing the best T-shirt for the summer

T-shirts are one of the most common and popular clothing items in our everyday wear. Regardless of which preferences you choose to wear and which styles you prefer, a good T-shirt is never a bad investment. T-shirts came in the everyday men's wardrobe from the usual utilitarian process. Initially, it was worn only under the shirt and other clothes and almost never as an independent "top". That soon changed when Hollywood glitz became the compass for our usual fashion choices. Marlon Brando and James Dean went to appear on the screen in white T-shirts and later this trend became popular and was fixed (and clearly, still very much in vogue!) Continue reading →... ... Read more

ONI 922HM-NXX! Handmade slubby greatness in a high tapered cut

ONI’s high tapered cut has been an instant hit and their NXX 17oz fabric is testament why they’re rightfully called the king of slub! So combing these two feels like a perfect match… but we’re taking this to yet another level and we are happy to announce that this is... ... Read more

The Strike Gold - the treasure in the world of denim

The Strike Gold was founded in the year 2006. This brand takes a very unique and personal way of delivering their best pieces of denim, with unusual details and very high standards to produce the best quality denim you can get in the market.  The Strike Gold manufactures its products in very... ... Read more

Denimio Lookbook : May Edition

We at Denimio have an extensive list of brands and products for you. We constantly try to make our store better and regularly add new products as well as expand the range. In order to show things more clearly, we made for you a simple lookbook, the easiest way to get... ... Read more

Oni Denim – 622-AIZUMI jeans review by INDIGOSHRIMP

When we launched the ONI 622AIZUMI, it was sold out in a few hours. It only felt natural to ask a true denim- connoisseur to review it and Mike – who you might know from his amazing INDIGOSHRIMP–blog or his INSTAGRAM-account – was up for it. And here it comes: Another... ... Read more

Blue Sakura : where legacy and craftsmanship merge into one

Japanese brand Blue Sakura was founded in 2016 in Okayama. Although it is a pretty young brand, it started conquering popularity among fans that favor both classic denim and fashion clothes.    The brand was founded by Shuji Ishibashi with the help of Whoval Inc. which has existed since... Read more

Hosu- the master of all

Hosu is a Japanese brand that goes greatly out-of-bounds when competing with other denim brands on Denimio. A brand known for its nostalgia, Hosu links styles that are half street and half traditional- and it's easy to see why its had maintained popularity since it first launched.Made from raw den... Read more

Find unbridled joy in...BELTS!

If you are reading this text, surely you have been a fan of excellent Japanese denim for a long time or at least, are planning to buy one:) Classical silhouettes, interesting details, and beautiful "aging" indigo color - that is what inevitably fascinates and attracts all new and new fans to... ... Read more

Samurai Jeans- the classic of classics

The company Samurai Jeans from Osaka was founded in 1997 and will celebrate its 20-year anniversary soon. For people who are tightly interested in Japanese denim, Samurai is definitely a denim icon and a cult object.As representatives of Samurai Jeans say: "We try to make jeans that would be like.... Read more

Get a breath of fresh air

Spring has finally come and we are more than ready to shake of the dreary weather outifts. We created a new category for you where you can find interesting clothes that are basically tailor-made for this weather. In this category, you'll be able to find the up and coming spring collection... ... Read more

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