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Know your colors- red, green, and blue!

We all love jeans with a saturated indigo color. This classic dark color is very beautiful and over time, acquires new shades during fading. Some like contrast fading and prefers going on a long time without washing their jeans, while some like the softer "vintage" style of fading with lighter shades and vice versa, trying to wash their jeans quite often. The are of course a third group of people that generally prefer to keep their jeans with the original Indigo color as long as possible. In its classic form, the jeans painted by pure indigo (pure Indigo without additional impurities) have a saturated dark blue color. We aren't talking about natural plant dyes, but only about the chemical method of dyeing. The pure indigo dye was developed in 1865 by German chemist Igonannom von Bauer on the basis of a synthesis of nitrobenzaldehyde and acetone. At first glance, almost all untreated denim jeans may appear to be the same (or at least very close in color), but this is certainly not the c... Read more

Embrace the "wabi-sabi" characteristics of raw denim

  Features of Japanese jeans At the moment, when it comes to really high-quality traditional denim, in which the traditions of the past are reflected to a greatest extent, the jeans from Japanese manufacturers mainly come to mind as the best options. If you had the chance to take these gorgeous... Read more

Selvedge color- the stories that come in the weave

  Currently, jeans from raw selvedge denim are very popular. The colored thread woven into the edge is a kind of "identification mark", indicating the quality of the jeans and the traditional approach to their production. We all know (probably) that now the fashion for such jeans has covered al... Read more

Levi's 501 inspired jeans- the twist to the old classics

  It's no secret that Levi's 501 is the real embodiment of classic jeans. You can completely relate to the modern products of the company Levi's, but the very image of the 501 model inspired and continues to be inspiring to many manufacturers to this day. This can be expressed in... ... Read more

Top 10 weird things people have done to their denim

As we all know, untreated raw denim is essentially a "clean canvas" - and, if I may say so, also a creative space for its owner. Identical, dark, crispy blue jeans are being bought everyday, but only after certain amount of wear and tear can you truly call them yours. As... ... Read more

The Ever Stylish And Versatile Black Denim

Black denim As you may know, traditional classic denim is a cotton twill and an interlacement of a colored warp thread and an unpainted weft yarn. The main or most popular color, of course, is the dark blue indigo color. However, in any tradition, there are always variations and denim is no except... Read more

Peter’s "Ocean-Lake Combo Double-Wash" (in his Favorite Raw Denim)

Denim Stories – Sorcery, Blood, Real Warriors and the ONI 517xx Coincidences (Halloween Special)

Rick, one of our amazing customers, has recently sent us a story explaining why his new 517xx contest ONIs are now his favorite jeans. And it's so much more than just the jeans: sorcery, exile, rituals, battles and real Samurais -- the cool coincidences in Rick's family history abound. Perfect for... Read more

Denim Stories: Bill's Flat Heads...Some Say to this Day They're Still on his Legs

Howdy. I'm a 26 year old traveling freelance writer/designer/dog wrestler. Chief interests: my family, my cool dog, my other friends, the wild west, good rye whiskey, the Coen Bros and any movie that gives me the feels -- which is rare because I'm made of granite (great for fades, though) ... ... Read more

Denim Stories: Markus & ONI 512 – Putting the Slub in Slubby Selvedge

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