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Back to Real American Vintage Style with WORKERS

Here we are again with Denimio’s blog! Hope you enjoy styling in this fall. Everyone here is passionate not only about denim but also ‘vintage workwear’, which is the legend! That’s why this time we will talk about it. Gentlemen, let us introduce a new brand at Denimio ‘WORKERS’ Firstly, let’s do a small quiz to answer the reason why do we love American vintage workwear: A) Classic cutting B) Raw and durability C) Individuality D) Story and detail Whatever your choice is, WORKERS brand has got all of these functions. This picture describes their concept really well.Realize from its name, WORKERS focuses on workwear design especially American style from the middle of 19th century. It produces various products reinterpreted by the Royal Jacket, Engineering Jacket, and Work Jacket which were worn in the U.S.WORKERS is a very special and conceptual brand as they present a rich history of American workwear. The story that leads us to a throwback trend and reminisces how po... Read more

Tanuki's “Earth Series” - Review by Isaak Paul on Denimhound

Tanuki has just released "Earth Series" denim. We have the pleasure of having Isaak Paul as a guest in Denimhound on instagram or Denimhound's amazing blog, to review this very great piece of denim! What's exactly special from this denim? Check it out : For those of you who don’t know me, my ... Read more

Denimio Lookbook : September Fall Edition

Fall is a beautiful time! Many of you probably want to update your wardrobe and supplement it with new things. In many countries at this time of year, jeans from raw denim, shirts, jackets, knitted hoodies, and swiss shots become actual. The weather can be changeable, and after a bright... ... Read more

Top 10 Denim Jackets and Why We Love Them?

Welcome back to the denim stories of Denimio Blog! We have been sharing with you the best of the best of jeans, chinos, and shirts... so this time, it's outerwear. Of course, you'll have your favorites, but trust us, we'll more than match your expectations.  Give us a thumbs up for our... ... Read more

10 jeans with slubbiest denim texture

People who have been interested in Japanese denim for a long time probably know that it is the Japanese approach to jeans production that characterizes the beauty of a weave of denim. The difference of denim is what makes every pair of jeans unique. The beauty and unlikeness of denim from... ... Read more

Slow fades are priceless, too!

When we first begin our jeans journey with Japanese dry selvedge denim, we inevitably notice that the jeans will fade over time, giving you that coveted worn look, personalizing your style with characteristic fades. This is the main reason why the fading of Japanese denim is loved by so many people... Read more

10 shoe collections that'll fire up your summer

You can always tell a person's taste from their shoes, so let's try finding you a really nice pair! Here we recommend you the top 10 shoe collections that you may feel interested in: MR.OLIVE E.O.I  -  ME551N This model uses Chrome excel leather, and if you're thinking of Microsoft, then you're... Read more

Denimio Lookbook - July Edition

Denimio is the best denim site out there that lets you get good deals and good looks all at once. With the summer heat creeping in, we're here to give you the latest looks and fashion advice out there proved awesome by fellow denimheads.  Workwear Functional design is the best characteristic for...... Read more

Introducing AS2OV brand

An everyday backpack is an indispensable accessory of our daily life. Whether you prefer to walk or ride a bicycle, a high-quality reliable backpack will be your best assistant for many years, making your life easier and more comfortable.What do the best backpacks have? Maximum functionality and m... Read more

Choosing the best T-shirt for the summer

T-shirts are one of the most common and popular clothing items in our everyday wear. Regardless of which preferences you choose to wear and which styles you prefer, a good T-shirt is never a bad investment. T-shirts came in the everyday men's wardrobe from the usual utilitarian process. Initially,... Read more

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