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Lo and behold: Our in-house brand W&W by Denimio

We at Denimio feel blessed to be working in the amicable denim-community. We have made so many friends over the years and every time someone buys their first pair of denim from us, we hardly can contain our excitement. So we wanted to give something back and decided to create our own in-house brand to offer you great denim at an unbeatable price. We proudly present: W&W by Denimio! W&W by Denimio In 2016, we decided to start our own brand as a team-building exercise. After servicing over 10.000 customers in over 70 countries, we wanted to translate our experience into products that aim to ease a beginner's journey into the strange realm of raw denim while still being attractive for advanced hobbyists of denimology! A lot of texture and super versatile   Our staff loves, lives and breathes denim, and who would be better to create a brand than the guys who pack your parcels, take product photos or measure out your jeans and handle countless different jeans every day in our... Read more

Samurai Jeans – SJ42CP Heavy Chino Pants Review by @indigoshrimp

It's an honor to have Mike from @indigoshrimp with us to review SJ42CP Heavy Chino Pants. What's exactly special from these chino pants? Check it out : Overview If you have any interest in reproduction workwear or Japanese denim, you’d have heard of Samurai Jeans – hardcore denim fans will a... Read more

The Ever Stylish And Versatile Black Denim

Black denim As you may know, traditional classic denim is a cotton twill and an interlacement of a colored warp thread and an unpainted weft yarn. The main or most popular color, of course, is the dark blue indigo color. However, in any tradition, there are always variations and denim is no except... Read more

10 denimheads explain their passion for japanese raw denim

Denim Stories: Bill's Flat Heads...Some Say to this Day They're Still on his Legs

Howdy. I'm a 26 year old traveling freelance writer/designer/dog wrestler. Chief interests: my family, my cool dog, my other friends, the wild west, good rye whiskey, the Coen Bros and any movie that gives me the feels -- which is rare because I'm made of granite (great for fades, though) ... ... Read more

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