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Find unbridled joy in...BELTS!

If you are reading this text, surely you have been a fan of excellent Japanese denim for a long time or at least, are planning to buy one:)
Classical silhouettes, interesting details, and beautiful "aging" indigo color - that is what inevitably fascinates and attracts all new and new fans to Japanese jeans (and of course, retain loyal denim lovers as well.)
However, to make your "denim-look"  properly finished, it is necessary to pay attention to high-quality and interesting accessories to jeans. Today we are talking about belts.
It does not matter whether you prefer to wear "top", tucked in jeans or a released, whether your belt is visible to others or not. . Moreover, if the belt is made of a high-quality leather and is well done, it will serve you for many wears and more. Therefore, a good belt is a reasonable investment, providing that it's :

A) practical and functional

B) durable

C) carries a certain aesthetic value (not less than the jeans themselves)

If you buy a good belt for jeans at least once, you will notice that when wearing it with jeans, the leather acquires unusual and interesting shades over time.  Inevitably, scratches appearing on the leather will decorate your belt, like the scars on the body of an experienced warrior.

Thus, the situation here is exactly the same as with fielding of denim.  The more often a pair of jeans is worn and the farther its appearance is from the original, the greater the aesthetic value there will be to the owner of the belt.

Color changes of the untreated veg tan leather are especially unusual. When you receive the parcel and open it, you will most likely see the pale pink color leather, possibly with remaining traces of the slightest dents and scratches. It is not necessary to keep this color, as it will become darker anyway, up to a dark brown shade. If you want to make belt a bit reddish, you should pre-process it with mink oil. The oil will be absorbed into the leather and the next day you will find that your belt became slightly darker.

Materials and Design

Belts made of are the most widespread and suitable material. This leather is durable, moderately elastic and is traditionally used for manufacturing of belts for more than several centuries.

Yarn material is often used with castings with a coating (if necessary) or steel.

The buckle is fastened to the leather tape with either using one of the various seams or with rivets or screws. In the last case, the construction is collapsible and, if necessary, the length of the belt, which has the buckle fastened using the screws, can be adjusted.


As for choosing the size, the most classic option is that when the belt can be fastened on the third hole. However, you should not just choose the belt size exactly the same as is shown on a pair of your jeans. Some manufacturers do mark belts identically to the jeans sizes. However, in most cases, you could add two or even three sizes to your jeans size when you are choosing a belt. In any case, before you buy it, try to examine the size chart of the products. For a more accurate size selection, It is best to ask for help from our support team. If necessary, you will be given actual measurements of the belt and you can easily choose the desired size.

Now let's give some examples of the high-quality belts for your jeans. Some of them could be interesting for you.















This is one of the most famous, basic and classic belts from manufacturers of Japanese denim. The belt is made of cowhide leather. The strip has a thickness of about 5mm and width of 40 mm. The buckle has a rectangular shape, fastened on one row of holes and fastened with a strong and reliable seam. The model is available in black, brown and beige colors. Beige color will nicely change the color over the time. It is not accidental that it sells faster than others:)


Vintage Works


Vintage Works

Unlike many other companies, Vintage Works belts are not just a part of the collection, but the basis of the collections. Therefore, this manufacturer makes a very careful approach to the production of the belts.

Vintage Works buys different kinds of high-quality leather for production of the belts. There are versions made of smooth and matte leather, and leather with different types of post-processing, as well as leather with age effects. These are used very high-quality seams. All operations from the cutting to the stitching buckles are made by hand.

Vintage Works belts

Vintage Works cast the buckles independently in the simplest press forms.

Vintage Works buckles 

On the one hand, these belts have a noticeable image of old vintage things, and on the other hand, there persists Japanese scrupulousness and meticulousness, which is inherent nowadays.

Even the packing for the belts is such that it seems that it is designed for centuries. The belts of Vintage Works are packed in wax paper and are in metal boxes (or even better to say, banks).



























The universal model of the belt, suitable for wearing with jeans, and for wearing with chinos.

The belt has ergonomic cast buckle, the stripe width is 34 mm and thickness about 5mm. The strap looks very impressive and is constructed for a long life.














This is a simple and laconic model with a stripe width of 35 mm. This belt is not very wide, so it is also perfect for casual trousers and jeans. This model has a D-shaped buckle and a leather hinge for fixing the edge of the belt.













In contrast to the previous one, it is a belt has a wide strip of 41 mm, which will look good with jeans or on rough working style trousers. It is fastened on a rectangular narrow brass buckle.


Samurai is a manufacturer of reliable, brutal and severe jeans. We all know Samurai Jeans very well and love them:) Accessories of this brand are also distinguished by unique and powerful charisma.














Very impressive, you can say "Royal" belt. The width of this belt is 45 mm and the strip thickness is up to 8mm. It is a very wide and heavy belt, which should be worn with jeans, it is best with heavy tight jeans from Samurai.

Since it is a very thick leather, the belt has a bent in shape for easy landing. Fastened on it is a very heavy (really heavy) cast buckle. It is necessary to note, that fastening of a buckle here is realized by means of screws. This way you can adjust the belt size slightly if desired. But it is better to try to choose the right size in advance.













In addition to the "natural" color and the ability to change color beautifully over time, as I mentioned above, this model is available in black and brown colors.





























The sturdy and reliable leather belt for jeans is an essential accessory associated with the denim style. Surely everyone will be able to pick up the most acceptable and interesting option. Someone is more inclined to externally simple and minimalist belts, someone wants something very charismatic and impressive. But... As in the case of the first pair of Japanese jeans, you can hardly purchase just one thing for all occasions -- most likely you will want to try different belts of different manufacturers:) Bon shopping!