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Howl Around The World "S511XX 15OZDM Samurai Jeans X Denimio Europe Edition"

It’s time to ‘Howl Around The World’

Samurai Jeans X Denimio Around the World Series S511XXZDM Europe Edition

This new release is a sign of our success in ‘Around the World Series’. Samurai Jeans and Denimio are going to assemble our packs and make the myth of the grey wolf come to life. The first 50 pre-orders of Samurai Jeans X Denimio S511XXZDM Europe Edition will be the alpha wolves, as we release this edition to global fans. Are you in?

Denimio offers a special 'EARLY BIRDS' promotion. Pre-order 511XXZDM Europe Edition from now - June 6th, 2019 (JPT) and get more than 10% discount (Initial booking payment: JPY16,470 / balance payment JPY12,530).


To fellows who would like to see more of the S511XXZDM Europe Edition, we definitely have got it here for you. Take a look!


This is a sure-hit model. The cutting of Samurai S0511XX gives you a comfortable fit. The tights are made not-so-large to keep a wide range to match and generate your favorite style. Together with its mid-rise and tapered slim fit, we can ensure you to find yourself wearing the best combination of modern vintage.


We must say that nowadays Samurai Jeans produces a lot more versatile and urban style garments. This release is good piece evidence. Samurai S0511XX will ease your day, you can just pick a plain white shirt and dark brown boots to put on.


Did you know “the rough of Otokogi denim is hard to beat”?

Behind the scene of Otokogi fabric production is the amazing craftsmanship, in terms of the effort and technique used to make this denim texture REALLY ROUGH. “...This is the best rough denim…”

We see the brand’s spirit from those sentences. Samurai Jeans transformed their ideals to the solid and maximized character of denim roughness by using short staple cotton (Texas cotton) and setting it in an extra firm twist. All elements combined to make an impressive result with the denim texture neppy and the vertical stripes noticeable. This Otokogi is classic and a hit among denim hobbyists. See a review of S0500XX 15oz Otokogi Straight below as the consumer’s echo to confirm that the Samurai Europe Special Collaboration Jeans will not let you down.

With its special qualities, Otokogi has become one of the best classic denim of Samurai Jeans and has since gained 100% trust from denim heads around the world. There is no doubt that the Samurai S0511XX will hit the mark. If you are thinking of a new pair of rough jeans, the S511XX 15OZDM model is a clear top choice!


The picture above is the Otokogi in the 2nd year of the fading progress. Otokogi is a recognizable “vertical” texture that will expedite fading progress and give great contrast results.


Look at the font of Europe x Samurai Collaboration, bold and majestic!

The best highlight of Samurai S0511XX Europe Edition is the patch. We precisely designed it to the European myth concept- a grey wolf is howling to full moon in the gothic castle background. The brand used the best and most common material: deerskin, to keep it a nice condition and in good color over time.

The classic combination of orange and lemon threads apply to every stitch.


Silver thread symbolizes the sharpness of the samurai blade.


Classic copper rivets reinforce at the pocket corners.


A top donut button

Based on Samurai Jeans VX Series, this model has a top donut button. Below buttons are made with bronze; just like one of Samurai Jeans' most popular model, Samurai S0500XX.


Hidden rivets reinforce the jeans at upper top corners


Silver thread at the inner pocket edges

Samurai Jeans stands by vintage American jeans details, so the silver threads appear also at coin pocket edges.

Special lining at the upper part of the coquette gives a nice contrast.


Durable flannel pocket lining

Another detail points out the recent adaption of Samurai Jeans. This flannel fabric is commonly used to produce workwear shirts of the brand. It’s durable and a lighter color due to the indigo-dyed thread production.


Hidden arcs are denim master’s tricks

Dark thread arcs will show up when jeans fade, in the same style as your favorite model Samurai Jeans S710XX. A classic red tab ‘SAMURAI’ is written in capital silver letters on the back pocket, inspired by LEVI’S in the 50s. The inverted alphabet A indicates a special release. The brand uses this element only in limited, anniversary and collaborative editions.


This exclusive Samurai S0500XX Around The World Europe Edition is the most original and authentic piece you can find at the moment. We picked out excellent elements, the 511 cut, the Otokogi denim, and then added prominent hardware and details, (especially the expressive patch), to make the well-known jeans to be unique and memorable. Denimio guarantees your satisfaction of this series with our previous releases, Samurai Peach Oath Garden (China) and Samurai Russia Edition. To join our 3rd route of ‘Samurai X Denimio International Collaborations Edition’, CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER. In a few months from now, grey wolves howl all around the world.

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