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Must-Have Pieces to Become a Street-Style Legend

If you are looking for a casual but creative urban look that will not compromise your style, we have great news for you - the launch of our new Denimio Streetwear Fashion category. Streetwear (with cotton as the go-to material), is all about being comfortable - in your clothes and with your own style. It’s about being unique! To help you get started, we at Denimio present some must-have pieces to choose from so that you can better express your individuality street -wise.



A Nice Pair of Jeans

Jeans are the absolute staple of streetwear and the one piece of your outfit that you will be matching everything else to. You have plenty of options in this category. Here are some styles to help you get to that "Streeetwear 101". Distressed jeans are all the rage now, with unique cuts and designs being your highlights. They have been around in street styles for a very long time and they're not going anywhere.  Coming into focus lately are lots of patches and unique features and repairs - why not go for something a bit funkier? However, many advocates of street wear prefer selvage denim with a clean look and a trimmed fit (we recommend a very small cuff to show off that selvage with your kicks). Classic and clean cuts will also further emphasize your stature and simply paired with a nice, clean shirt or oversize hoodie will do. Watch out for lighter washes coming back strong in both clean and distressed forms. These many times will give off that cool "I don't care" look which people are suckers for.

Whatever your favorite look is, remember - a good pair of jeans should always be your starting point and an investment worth making, since they can be part of a multitude of ensembles. 

Key Items:










































T-shirts and Graphic Tees 

When we talk about streetwear, we think t-shirts. They are the ultimate comfortable casual piece, but also a statement in themselves: many times with prints that speak clearly as to who you are, what you love, what you hate or simply what your style is. Graphic tees and bolder patterns scream “street” loud and clear. But, remember, you can’t go wrong with a stylish plain tee. With stylish plain tees, however, it is important to watch the fit. Keep an eye out for oversize tees - the squared shoulders and 90's vintage style will up your street cred and give your the chance to pull out those long-forgotten tops.

Key Items:


















What would street be without hooded wear!? With or without a t-shirt underneath, with a great pair of jeans, chinos, or shorts, or even with a jacket over it. Hoodies are an essential piece of streetwear and they’ll go with pretty much anything you choose. They are warmer than t-shirts and the preference is looser fits that will feel extra comfy - a must-have for any streetwear lover. What's hot? Necklines should be the highlight of your choices, and opting for asymmetric cuts or high necks will further add to your style. Colors and prints should be also a wow factor- dark purple and burnt orange are the upcoming colors this year; while funky prints are a symbol of your personality and spirit.

Key Items:





















Streetwear jackets are often inspired by military aesthetics or retro styles, and a well-chosen jacket will go with pretty much anything else you wear. The key to a successful street style jacket is you. Sporty, outdoorsy, in brighter or darker colors, plain or with a print - a good jacket will show off your personality just right. Military styles are a clear go-to (army green and dark grey will do just fine).

Retro designs means that unique washes, prints and embroideries are the thing to look out for (think detailed stitching and layers). Have a nice look around your attic and choose some outerwear that are a statement in itself. Japanese swirls and faded dyes are pretty much coming into a trend as of late.

Key Items:

































A Pair of Kicks

If you are looking for a good pair of shoes that will set you apart, sneakers are the way to go. They are casual, comfortable, and absolutely necessary for any streetwear outfit. High tops are currently the trend (with a low dip in the ankles area), while low tops are for those who are more traditional and laid-back. However, the big wow factor would be to get your hands on a limited pair of kicks. Yeezys 350 is the perfect example of this, as well as those famous black and blue colors of Y-3 sneakers. For oblong feet, opt for the NMDs and Ultra boost; for wider ones, go for the Jordans (if you can get your hand on one!)

But those aren't the only way to get your smart look accentuated. Plain canvas or leisure choices can bring out the details in your jeans or shirt. Hard Taco (the brand of the new-age aesthetic) is a surefire choice. Pair it with a pair of jeans (light or dark wash is fine), and you're good to go!

Key Items:


























Streetwear would not be streetwear without a hat to match the rest of your look. You can go for a classic baseball cap, opt for a work style denim trilby, or keep it simple and classic. Beanies are a must-have to portray your bone structure (gives you that chiseled feel), and as far as styles go, trucker caps are still going strong. For a more laid-back street style though, flat bills and unique shapes will propel you along.

Key Items:
















If you're searching for that one final accessory to complement your look, a bag is the way to go. The rule is to keep it simple, matching whatever you are wearing and fit it for your needs - do you need something more compact or more spacious? Convenience with style makes the perfect match, and remember to pair your bag with your pants for a pulled-together look. For trends, shoulder bags are coming back into the game (Japanese logos or simple geometric designs on them would help), and backpacks do well for having another layer. Be sure to include one color of your outfit onto the bag to give a finished feel.

Key Items:














Long Sleeves

Long sleeves do you good, whether they're paired with a T-shirt or layered over a tank top. Oversize and flowy sleeves add an interesting factor, so up the street game or go full on quirky! Button tops should be paired with a slimming pair of pants, (preferably in dark wash). These can be worn as either classy formal or smart casual, so have a few in store for any use. Patchwork designs are getting becoming (think classic cowboy), but be sure to go for darker colors to tone it down a bit. For styling, roll your sleeves up about 2-3 times and keep them supple but soft- this will bring more life to your look and give you interesting angles from the side view.

Key Items:






























Jeans aren't the only way to get into that street vibe. Military and cargo pants well add to that street funk too. Cropped pants show off your calves while fitted slimming styles go great with a ordinary blazer and some cool sneakers. For the design apartment, don't be afraid to go bold with prints or interesting colors. These go very well with a simple top- contrast is the key. Pairing your outfit like this will bring more attention to your style, as few people choose to highlight their lower sections. (Another benefit: it makes people pay attention to your shoes as well!)

Key Items:

















Streetwear is all about being unique! What will you wear? Click here to shop our selection of street-inspired products or check out everything else we have to offer at

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