Handroom is dedicated to making high-quality products that won’t go out of style anytime soon. However, this doesn’t mean the only create basics that typically blend in. For Handroom, even the most basic daily outfit should stand out and have a playful quality. Fabric, cut, design- everything is carefully selected.

Handroom works with craftsmen from all over the world to come up with the most dynamic, sophisticated patterns and the most effortless yet amazing looks.
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  1. FRONT

    Sewing to make the buttons invisible from the outside. Reinforced with brass rivets at the end of the original antique finish button and pocket.The part of the inner thigh is sewn by polite lapping sewing with the hands of craftsmen.Using Union sewing machines, they are sewn using full-scale stitch work.


    The patch pocket is reinforced by hidden rivets at both ends of the pocket, and putting down bar tack and it is carefully sewn with one needle sewing machine one by one.
    Labels are put on burn marks one by one for thick deer leather.The sewing of the yoke and the back by the sewing machine made by Union is sewn with a beautiful stitch work.


    A bespoke thread finished so that a long irregular shape and a short irregular shape randomly appear using high quality American cotton with thick and strong stiffness.As the warp is white, the weft yarn is ecru, which is woven so that shadows appear.

    Woven with a weft low tension setting with old-fashioned weaving loom, doing special sanforize processing to leave weave up texture and hard expression.

    Water repellent finish. While maintaining the texture of the dough, it has strong water and oil repellency, it is hard to get dirty, it is easy to remove even if attached. If water repellency deteriorates, if you can iron it, water repellency and oil repellency performance will return.


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19 Items results