VANITAS (Vanitas) is a genre of still life painted many times in the northern part of Europe from the 16th century to the 17th century. These still life paintings are in the theme of the vanity and meaninglessness of life, richness, and power. Roses and plants were drawn as a symbol of love and life, while skulls were drawn as a symbol of death.
Made by Japanese leather artist Matsumura Mr. Matsumura's own viewpoint, VANITAS is carefully interpreted by handcrafted Japanese leather works, ranging from belts to accessories. The delicate and bold skull design is a prominent echo to the brand’s art style.
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    -Himeji vegi-tan saddle leather dyed in black with "Cha-shin" technique
    -ONI AIZUMI fabric lining
    -Box type coin case which can be used as a card container
    -6 card slots with 1 large hidden slot
    -All hand-sewn
    -Crafted in Japan


    - 1 to 2 months


    Comes in a box like this one shown on the review by Indigoshrimp on the other Vanitas wallet (Design might change):


    10.0 x 15.0 x 3.0 cm [ 3.94 x 5.90 x1.18 inches] 

    Coin pocket:7.0 x 10.3cm [ 2.75 x 4.05 inches] 
    Example of how the wallet would fade ↓


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1 Item results