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Brown Brown

Brown Brown is the brainchild of not one but two creators, who both worked for other Japanese fashion brands. With Brown Brown, they strive to not only produce simple accessories but to create items that reflect the lifestyle of its wearer, items that will feel more like companions than just belongings.

Brown Brown uses Tochigi leather – the finest leather you can find in the world. Every single hide of leather is hand-picked by the two owners and the raw leather is then carefully dyed by hand in their own studio, which results in shades that you cannot find anywhere else. The entire production process--the cutting, the sewing and the processing are all done manually and every piece is the result of dedicated craftsmanship. Since Brown Brown is run by two people, the personality of both can be seen in their designs. One of them is responsible for elements of "elegance and practicality“ while the other adds "briskness and fun" to the mix.

Brown Brown pieces are all made with affection, time, effort, and love. You will immediately know that their stuff is not mass-produced and meant to last – Brown Brown wants their products to grow old with you and to get better every day. For them, the product is not "done" when you buy it, but rather, begins its journey to become unique and astonishing. Make it your own, and make it amazing.

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