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Sweat pants of the highest masterpiece were born. The material is recycled cotton.
Sewing of the main part was sewn with Flat Cima of Union Special.
The waist, inseam and hem parts are outstanding durability because they are using very sturdy milling cutters.
It is a merchandise of silhouette of comfortable wearing with a sense of security with the fusion of the material and the skill of the nurtured over time and time. Convenient pocket is attached to the left and right hip part.


Knitting machines can be roughly divided into three types depending on the times.
LOOPWHEEL knitting machine, medium speed sinker knitting machine, high speed sinker knitting machine.
Medium speed sinker knitting machine came out soon in the period of high economic growth in Japan and it is completely different from the modern high speed sinker knitting machine.

Initially when the medium speed sinker knitting machine appeared, production speed did not proceed considerably from the LOOPWHEEL knitting machine.
Even with the LOOPWHEEL fabric, in the stretchability knitted by the roll tension, softness obtained by hand, the difference will hardly be felt.

Medium speed knitting machine in which ENTRY SG is used is a small one of 15 sizes ("寸 (sun)" in Japanese).
It is used before the modern large diameter circular knitting machine is made, and there are few things remaining, and it is very rare like a LOOPWHEEL knitting machine.
Maintenance of craftsmen makes big difference in fabric, so it is difficult to maintain quality.

There are two major features.
- Woven with a low tension (good breathability, durability, soft feeling can be experienced)
- Looks like a latticed fabric (When looking at the back side, it looks as if the line is inclined)

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