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About Everyone who has a attachment to a traditional American sweatshirt or T-shirt knows its wonder.

The old good sweatshirt and T-shirt had a unique sparkle from its simple yet dignified appearance.
We loved that kind of clothes, we learned a lot from designs, colors, sturdy sewing from those clothes, and got a lot of dreams.

And from when do we pay homage to the American wear that has built history, I came to have the feeling that it would be wonderful if I could make a product that is superior to this in contemporary Japan.
This thought was the trigger of the birth of ENTRY SG.

In making products, we reconsidered the best daily wear points, narrowed down to what is easy to wear, durable, silhouette is beautiful, at the same time we knew the origin of American wear and decided to evolve without returning there It was.

In the era when the world gets tense, we aimed to relax tension in our product creation, and now we are pouring in all of our 30 years' experience in ENTRY SG.

Before putting ENTRY SG's name label on the product, we have to overcome various problems, but not carefully designed by the trend, carefully designed, high quality products with neat originality ENTRY SG is aiming to create products.


And if you can enjoy the comfort of ENTRY SG, it will be our pleasure unprecedented and it will be the driving force for future product creation.

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