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Recent Reviews
Dec 3, 2017
Review by Jan Sherwin
Amazing jacket and a great fit for my frame. Great fabric, which despite the weight remains highly breathable and versatile. I've worn it from temps as low as 8*C to tropical weather. IMHO, also a fast fader, as I am already seeing some highlights after a few days of wear. The only issue is the lack of internal pockets, which would have been useful. Highly recommended.
Sep 3, 2017
Review by Pluny
Super stiff b4 you wash it, but also a beautiful cut. It has to be. Quite formal in its uniformity of color. I can dress it up with a tie, or down with more denim.
Apr 3, 2017
Review by Edwin
Very nice jacket with awesome design
Mar 3, 2017
Review by Piyu
the best value for money raw denim jacket sized true to size (TTS) so international buyers don't worry about Japanese fitting. the fit at the shoulders is snug which is typical of Type 2 and not Type 3. the texture is wonderful as it is crisp and hairy at the same time, it is very suitable for summer as it is lighter weight than say a Samurai 18oz organic cotton trucker jacket. I suspect it will develop great fades once it is worn over time as I have seen some sick honeycombs in the internet. You will not regret buying this brand and it arrived less than a week from! it was so difficult to get size 44 denim trucker jackets, this is one of the few just like it is so difficult to get size 38 jeans. The Japs want to break into the international market but their Jap sizing prevents them from doing so
Feb 3, 2017
Review by Joel
Great rough and slubby texture. Once again fast shipping from denimio, 2nd time I've ordered from this site, very impressed, will order here again.
Jan 3, 2017
Review by Qin
Peter helped me a lot in this purchase. He first explained where the price differences are from and offered his recommendations. His size recommendation was perfect.

THis is my favorite jacket now.
Feb 27, 2017
Review by Nishant
The texture of the secret denim is superb. The beige weft shines through the indigo warp. Cant wait to see how it fades. The fitting of the 288zr is spot on. Though it is regular straight but sizing down ( i bought size 32 one wash wich measured 32.7 inches) when my actual waist is 34 inches. This resulted in a slim straight fit. The waist stretched out to 34 from 32.7 in one wear itself. (thank you Peter for your spot on advice.)
Feb 23, 2017
Review by Laffy
Amazing jeans, the fit is perfect and the indigo is super cool. Love the jeans and love the service from Denimio, sizing help and fast delivery!
Feb 22, 2017
Review by Bryan
My very first 19oz. Superb quality denim. Delivery was suprisingly fast! Tq Denimio
Feb 20, 2017
Review by Harley
This if my first pair of Japan Blue and I really impressed. Very good build quality and I just love the fabric. Definitely going be on the look out for more of this brand!
Also the fit is very good. I love the roomy thigh/seat and the taper.
Feb 19, 2017
Review by James
Great cut, great craftmanship, great material and looking forward to some great fades. I love my Oni and Denimio you are the best.
Feb 13, 2017
Review by Damien
This pair is very beautiful. Very slubby. I've just received my pair and I already love them.
Sep 2, 2017
Review by Cory
I first purchased the 21oz straight leg samurais and they were super baggy on the legs so i returned them and denimio vastly refunded my money and i then purchased this pair. These jeans are amazing and were a bit roomy at first but after a short soak they shrank to a much better fit. My brother felt these and described them as a potato sack haha but they are not nearly as rough and itchy i thought it was a funny and good descritption of them. Just wish there was more details inside the jeans like a cool tag or patch but other than that these jeans are very well made and super heavy duty! And shipping only took a couple days to get to the states
Jan 24, 2017
Review by DJA14
Super happy with this purchase. Material is beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice. Fit is great. I play quite a bit of soccer and it is nice to have some room in the thighs. Highly recommend. Denimio shipping and customer service is the best PERIOD. I get things in the US faster from Denimio than for products I order that are in the US!!!
Jan 16, 2017
Review by Matty
Great fabric for someone looking for a lighter weight but with slub/hair. Very slim fit, but with long arms and extra length in the torso. Perfect fit for someone who is of above average height with a lean build. Beautiful two-tone stitching. Couldn't be happier with this product. Well done, Hajime Inoue.
Jan 14, 2017
Review by Jon
By far the best item of clothing I have ever owned
Oct 1, 2017
Review by Roostian
just arrive today, the texture is marvelous.
the heaviest denim i have so far, cant wait to break it!
Mar 1, 2017
Review by Nikolas
Was looking for a 20oz+ Jeans. My first Oni. Really happy with the choice.
Usually i'am into PJB - Size 34. The Oni is 33, good decision.
Nice details like the red and green stitchings. Bleeding kind of redish during initial soak.

Dec 29, 2016
Review by INNAAN
The denim's fabric,detail,fit, and construction are perfect.
Especially Denimo's service was best. !!

Dec 29, 2016
Review by MStar
Fit is excellent. Cant wait until i break these in.
Dec 26, 2016
Review by Bernard
My Samurai S710xx24oz arrived two days ago--just a day before Christmas--and it is as good as what you can expect of a Samurai jeans. Rough and stiff in the first place, but gradually became softer after several minutes of wearing. At the price I paid for it, it was really a top-notch purchase.
Dec 26, 2016
Review by Bernard
My stuff reaches me within less than a week after ordering, together with a surprising gift of Momotaro pouch. No 'BEA CUKAI' imposed by Indonesia Authority on my S710xx24oz.
Dec 22, 2016
Review by Nic
Excellent service! Received my sweatshirt 3 days after placing order ( Los Angeles). Excellent product! Heavyweight, warm, and form fitting. I am 5'11" 175 athletic and wear a US size M, an XL fit me perfectly. The XXL will fit a bit loose allowing for layering. Keep up the excellent work guys! Cheers!
Dec 22, 2016
Review by Nic
Excellent service! Received my sweatshirt within 3 days of placing order (Southern California). Excellent sweatshirt, heavy, warm, and great fit. I am 5'11" 175 athletic (M) in most brands, an XL fits me perfectly a XXL would fit loose allowing for layering. Keep up the excellent work!
Dec 21, 2016
Review by yucu
Everything going all right.
Denim is fantastic, Denimio are fast and accurate.
I will buy again really soon!
Dec 13, 2016
Review by Jake
Beautiful jeans fade very nicely.
Nov 25, 2016
Review by Ziggy
Gorgeous jacket; thick and richly textured. Will last for years and get increasingly cool as it slowly fades.
Nov 20, 2016
Review by lcommander
a perfect classic overalls with military style
Nov 16, 2016
Review by thomas174
beautiful, high potential denim, comfortable cut
Oct 31, 2016
Review by Ben
i'm glad I went with this 2103. I am 5'11 and 180lbs and Peter helped me get the size 42. I almost went with size 40 but he went and found me the perfect fit which happened to be a size 42 so he sent me that one. It fits me perfect and momotaro's quality is amazing. This jacket will last me forever.
Oct 22, 2016
Review by Rocky
I love these. They are heavy and wear well break in time was quick. They are comfortable and well built. No loose threads , nothing of the like. Samurai is the best hands down. Love the invisible arcuates.
Jul 10, 2016
Review by Andrew
These jeans are a perfect, the slim tappered fits me well. Big thanks to Peter for help me pick the correct size. Shipping took 4 days, to Cali. Will definitely order again.
Sep 29, 2016
Review by Albert
unique light blue indigo lefthand twill soft and slubby denim. Size up one size as it is unsanforized denim medium rise and slim straight. 17oz is just the right weight makes a lovely addition to one's denim collection. Peter's recommendation to go up one size to 38 for me when all my 9 pairs of Samurais have been size 36 is spot on. Snug and correct fit with denimio's accurate recommendation. Cannot recommend enough. Just buy it for something unique and different.
Sep 29, 2016
Review by Albert
unique light blue indigo lefthand twill soft and slubby denim. Size up one size as it is unsanforized denim medium rise and slim straight. 17oz is just the right weight makes a lovely addition to one's denim collection. Peter's recommendation to go up one size to 38 for me when all my 9 pairs of Samurais have been size 36 is spot on. Snug and correct fit with denimio's accurate recommendation. Cannot recommend enough. Just buy it for something unique and different.
Sep 26, 2016
Review by Denim Horse
Supremely constructed jacket. The stitching is perfect ( no loose threads inside or out ). The blue/black colour is very dark. I find this type II jacket longer in the torso than other brands.
Sep 25, 2016
Review by micky
Japan you so rock with you Denim every day one looks we find more product .
Michael New Zealand
Sep 21, 2016
Review by Aji
High quality, unique texture, very comfortable for 19oz denim
Unfortunately, mine have knee bulge because its cut (slim taper)

Sep 14, 2016
Review by Aleksandr
Don't want to take them off. These will be my primary pair. They are great!
Best fitting cut on me and the denim is just incredible. I can only recommend...
Thanks Denimio!)
Mar 9, 2016
Review by Tim
I was fortunate enough to be in Japan in March of this year. I decided that I wanted to pick up a pair or two of raws so I stopped by the PBJ store in Harajuku. I knew what I wanted going into the store and the store ladies helped me find the right size.
I bought a one-wash size 34 and it fit beautifully. Two days ago I washed my raws after 160 wears and they shrank slightly but it only made them fit a little tighter (which was nice too). The only reason they got 4 stars from me was because I had to repair a few blowouts (3) in the time I have owned them.
I would recommend these jeans to anyone who wanted to get into the crazy-slubby side of Raw denim! You can't go wrong with these jeans.
Aug 31, 2016
Review by Allan
1. How do you like the cut/shape of this product?
The fit of this pair of Oni 502ZR is tighter than I expected which is actually good as I worried that it'd be loose. Mine is one washed at tag size 29. My true low waist on my body at 33" or so and the tag size 29 one wash should have 31.5" only but I believe it's been stretched a bit already and now it measures at 33" waist (flat measurement). The rest of the measurements are pretty much as described in the product size chart page. I like the fit so far.

2. How do you like the weight (oz) of this product?
It's heavy but it's exactly what I wanted. I wanted to try something this heavy as I own all sorts of light weighted jeans already.

3. How is the texture & feeling of the garment?
When I opened the bag (just a transparent plastic bag) I took out a piece of denim like I have never seen before. I have to admit that I am a newbie on denim but I have seen quite some from shops and this piece truly is "slubby and neppy" as people said. More neppy than slubby. It's very textured and a bit hairy.

4. How is the sizing ( -2, -1, true size, +1) ? If you don't mind, Please also share your height/weight along with the size you selected.
I'm 5'8", 145lbs, and I went with tag size 29 in one wash. So far on my first wear it fits well and it's on the tight side. I am expecting it to get loosened a bit more after a few wears.

5. What are the special details you like about this product?
I like the leather patch "Oni", the pink ID, the red stitching, the beige weft and the pocket arcs. I also like the color being a bit different from most of the other denim, kinda greenish blue.

7. Any other comment?
Big shout to thank Peter, Tricia and Chen for the advice and help and patience. Especially Peter who gave me expert advice on denim in general, and advice on choosing my size. I don't think the size 30 fits this well, should I have chosen it on my own will. Size 29 as suggested by you fits just about right.
Aug 18, 2016
Review by Brett
Slubs for miles. Jeans like this are a textbook case of being "rough" without being "coarse." Or maybe to put it better, rough without being abrasive. The weave is loose enough that they aren't oppressive, but have a fantastic heft to them.

The fit is just right for my thick thighs, but I'd avoid it if you're up above the "1.75x body weight squat" range.

And thank you, Denimio for great values, great site, and great shipping!
Aug 14, 2016
Review by Nishant
Classic. Is the word for the fabric and the cut. These jeans make your butt look superb. Amazing quality.
Thanks Denimio
Jul 28, 2016
Review by Felipe
Wanted to have the pbj18ozxx13 for a long time , live chat with Peter ( I don't think this guy ever sleeps) helped me with the right sizing. From the day I ordered to the time it arrived in Vancouver Canada took only 4 days.

The PBJ 18oz xx13 fit is so much different from my xx005 and xx007. I like how it tapers from the knee to hem. The fabric being heavyweight is not really hot to wear on summer at all,

Overall I am very satisfied with the service, delivery and product.
Jul 20, 2016
Review by Bobo the swede
I just love these jeans. The slubbyest and nicest weft I've seen in a long time. And the fit is fantastic. They will surely be my favorites...
And thank you, Denimio, for the (as usual) great service - fast and reliable, with free shipping!
Jul 20, 2016
Review by Bobo the swede
I've purchased a lot of denim jackets over the years but this TCB one is the best so far.
Great and true sizing, awesome slubby but firm denim and well taylored. I just love this one and recommend it to you all out there. Nice price too!
Super service and fast shipping from Denimio! Thanks guys!
Jul 18, 2016
Review by Mike
5 star for Peter at the live chat..!
Great guy great help..!cheers..
Jun 24, 2016
Review by Piero
This sweater is a bit slim but strech with wear and will fit truly fantastic. If you're thinking about it, I recommend it
Jun 19, 2016
Review by jordan82
Beautiful and elegant !! 1.75 weight 64kg and a size 40 is perfect for sleeves, each samurai product has never disappointed me. this jacket uses texas cotton, and the third type of jacket in my opionion is for a small physique.
Jun 16, 2016
Review by jon
Sweater is a bit slim. I am 6'3 and the XXL fits me perfectly. By that I mean it fits like a glove. I am fairly athletic and broad shouldered so if you are a bit weird when it comes to sizes just know this thing will be fitted to the body. Other than that I love the look of the hoodie and the color is just amazing. Makes me want to buy a pair of the XX-020s to compliment these.

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