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Kojima is town of denims which is located on the southern tip of Okayama Prefecture. We are making the denim in this town. In Kojima you will find the craftsmen of fabrics, sewing, sewing machines, yarns, processing, and a variety of denim pros. The craftsmen unite, and while doing a trial and error on one denim they put their souls into it. In our products there is no odd designs because we think that it's useless to insists on more unconventional styles. In order to match the lifestyle of the person who wears, we are thinking of the most ideal clothes that he/she can wear. We think that the most important is the one who wears , while the clothes is just secondary. We will be happy if we can help somebody's life to become happy that's why we keep on studying everyday the fashion aspect and on how to develop the fabrics, sewing, and processes.

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