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In 1972, at Sendagaya, started with a variety of used items such as used denim western shirts and chambray shirts, which is the basis of today's denim and old clothes. Moved to Daikanyama in 1979, making things with keeping in mind that it is comfortable, durable, wearable in any age, relax everyday life.


In 1972, the Hollywood lunch market was opened in Sendagaya. The items dealt with mainly in American clothing, miscellaneous goods and accessories found overseas.
At that time, clothes itself was very rare in Japan, think that probably only got here.
Hawaiian shirt, flannel shirt, chambray shirt, overalls, denim, bandana, insens · · ·. It was all American standards that are the basis of today's clothes.
In 1979, the Hollywood lunch market moved to the present place in Daikanyama. All interiors were done by their own hands. A picture of the floor or wall that was handled at that time, a goldfish tile in front of the entrance still remains. The neon clock which is now also a symbol of all the shops of SEILIN has existed since the opening of Sendagaya shop.
Meanwhile, along with the years, products and displays handled gradually changed. Besides old clothes, original wear has increased, additionally various importing wear from all over the world, home wear, things with Japanese taste are added.

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