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Kamikaze Attack

“Project to Conquer the World.”
In 1995, we started as a clothing-cum-tatoo shop in a rusty freight container under a girder bridge somewhere in Okayama City
It was a happy place with a lot of vagrants, musicians, would-be artists, bikers and animals, but we didn't have any money and could't even find a cool pair of jeans we'd love to wear.
"We can't find any cool jeans. OK, then why don't we make a pair?"
That was the ridiculous proposal Mr.Kanazawa, the president of Kamikaze had, and that was the beginning of our original brand, Kamikaze Attack

The motto of Kamikaze Attack denim also describes their utilitarian aesthetic.
Mr. Kanazawa, the founder of the brand, is most vividly inspired by the color black, American grit, punk rock, motorbikes and badass tattoos.
His jeans breed brilliant artistry with dank punk rock basement fury.
Situated in Kojima, using tried-but-true machinery, it is easy to see why Kanazawa wishes to conquer the world with his denim project: A perfectly crafted pair of straight leg jeans meant to outlive everyone else’s will conquer the world if you are in them.

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