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"Wise men, fish here."

Every age, cultures are nurtured by good communities.
Communities are formed by intellectuals trying to find their own values in any constraints, not complying with the wave or material reflection of the times, as the Beat Generation writers once did.

NEW. Is an eyewear brand that empathizes with the various cultures born in this way and projects the spirit in the background on manufacturing.
People who follow the culture always feel the message from the community and pursue their "CORE" even in their own style.
We will propose genuine-oriented products that fit them.

After World War Ⅱ, and into the 1950's, the economy in America boomed.
While materialism flourished in its cities, American youth rejected stereo types and experienced an intense antithesis against the growing conformist era to find its own values.
These young people departed the cultural capital of the world, New York, and headed to America's last frontier, San Francisco.
One youth, who arrived in North Beach, changed our world into "New America", by birthing a singular counterculture.
This revolution started as a small community on 261 Columbus Avenue.

"NEW." averts mass production and materialism.
It deeply sympathizes with the youthful frontier spirit by freeing the bottled human nature from within our constrained system.
By adapting the youths principles into its craftsmanship, and incorporating contemporary style, "NEW." creates eyeglass wear that emphasizes the quality of each individual product rather than mimicking the luxury trends of today.

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