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What is a proxy item?

As promised long ago, our popular proxy service is finally back! (but in a slightly more organized fashion)

Proxy items are not regularly stocked by us but we can nonetheless buy them from retail shops in Japan and proxy them to you. Due to this, shipping might take a day or two longer. 

Please understand that in order to cover basic operating costs for running this proxy service and not lose money, prices for these items will be 10% higher than Japan retail. There is no other way we could otherwise do this.

Thank you and enjoy!

Below are some of the items that we received the most requests on. We unfortunately don’t have capacity to deal with all individual requests, so what you see here is what you get for now. As we grow and build capacity, we will start adding more products for you.

- Stevenson Overall 747 ->

- Stevenson Overall 380 ->

- Stevenson Overall 727->

- Stevenson Overall 717 ->

- Buzz Rickson BR12528 ->

- Buzz Rickson BR80367 ->

- Buzz Rickson BR10994 ->

- Buzz Rickson BR12031 ->

- Buzz Rickson BR10981 ->

- TCB 40's Cap Chocolate Duck ->

- TCB 40's Cap Mocha Duck ->

- TCB 40's Cap Denim ->

- TCB 40's Cap Olive ->

- The Strike Gold SG3109 ->

- The Strike Gold SG1109 ->

- The Strike Gold SG5103 ->

- The Strike Gold SG5109 ->

- The Strike Gold SG2109 ->

- The Strike Gold SG5105 -> 

- The Strike Gold SG1103 -> 


Frequently asked questions:

- Anything special I need to do to order proxy items? 

Answer: Nope, just place the proxy item in the shopping cart and check out just as you would with any other items on Denimio.

- Are the items the same quality as those regularly stocked at Denimio?

Answer: 100%. We would nevrer sell anything that is low quality or not an 100% authentic and genuine item. 

- What is the pricing for proxy service?

Answer: The price is calculated as Japanese retail price + 10%, which covers the basic costs of finding and sending you the product (e.g., 1500JPY flat shipping fee and the 4% paypal/credit card fee). 

- Does it take longer to ship proxy items? 

Answer: Only 1 or 2 more days! So it's very quick. You need to give our Japan logistics team a bit of time to source the item from other stores in Japan. 

- Can I order something that is not on this page?

Answer: Unfortunately no, you cannot at the moment. In order to make it efficient for us and offer this service without adding any fees, we need to limit proxy items to the pre-selected list.

- Can I return proxy items?

Answer: Yes, same as with any other items on Denimio. We decided to take the return risk because we think we can simply resell the item.

- Can I order hemming service for proxy items?

Answer: Yes.

- The proxy item I want on Denimio is out-of-stock but I found a shop in Japan that carries the same product. Can you get it for me?

Answer: Sorry, we cannot at the moment. In order to make things efficient so that we can offer this service, we can't take individualized requests to reach out to many shops. If it's not easy for us to get through the usual means we use, then the item will be out of stock until we find a shop that's convenient to buy it from on our end. 

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