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  1. HR-01AE-MID Leather Short Wallet NA(Natural)

    HR-01AE-MID Leather Short Wallet NA(Natural)


    A representative work of REDMOON Short Wallet.
    Strap and Concho are impressive.
    Buy craftsmen 's technology and domestic leather at low price.
    REDMOON's diffusion line "MID LINE".

    More closer to REDMOON, at an affordable price.
    Japanese cowhide is used, domestically produced drum saddle leather is used.
    Also, the production of "MID LINE" is handled by the same workshop craftwork as "REDMOON".
    It is a series stuck to "Made in JAPAN" with Japanese leather and Japanese craftsmanship technology.

    Short wallet with unique strap.
    There are many strap type short wallets in the world now, but the origin of these wallets is "REDMOON", having own original is meaningful.

    The strap is fitted with YKK's REDMOON Native American Concho with a diameter of 21 mm.
    In addition, arranged a leather patch with Eagle (hawk) as a motif at the bottom of the main body, combining strength and design.

    The inner design is a staple of "REDMOON" wallet, which is similar to "Horse Riding", the paper money holder is finished in three dimensions, it is possible to store many banknotes.
    The zipper top of the coin case has become a leather zipper knob and it is easy to open and close.

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  2. TW01-MID "MID LINE" Short Wallet TW01-MID

    TW01-MID "MID LINE" Short Wallet TW01-MID

    ※ Delivery: 1 to 4 weeks. HandmadeMade in JapanHigh quality product Learn More
  3. TW02-MID "MID LINE" Long Wallet TW02-MID

    TW02-MID "MID LINE" Long Wallet TW02-MID

    ※ Delivery: 1 to 4 weeks. REDMOON MID LINE long wallet TW02-MID Long Wallet saddle leather leather Biker wallet handmade changesEnjoy the variation in the original leatherRedmenlongworrettPick up staff, domestic leather and craftsmanship.REDMOON's diffusion line MID LINEIn the Red Moon closer to the affordable price.Using domestic cowhide with real persimmon tannin domestic domestically drum saddle leather."MID LINE' production there are artisans in the same Studio responsible as"REDMOON".Obsessed with "Made in JAPAN" as the craftsmanship of leather made in Japan for the Japan series.Of course, it is possible to maintenance, repairs, etc.It is a standard design doublebotanlongwarrett.Leather outer shell, table to slightly shorter than the inner, inner REDMOON mark incorporating design jumper button method is readily available, simple yet distinctive looks, buttons at REDMOON original design.Inner is very functional. Wallet with coin pockets can hold a lot of coins card pocket with dividers, and high-capacity free pockets for convenient storage card.HandmadeMade in JapanHigh quality product Learn More

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