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This is where the DENIMIO x Studio d'Artisan 2017 contest will unfold. The theme »Your Jeans, Your Canvas« will turn every owner of the limited contest jeans into an artist: Every pair is a blank canvas, ready to be broken in and waiting to be faded to perfection. Whether you are an aspring fading artist or if you are simply a lover of art wanting to witness this creative competition, you've come to the right place.

It won't be easy to win this thing. The artists will not be judged only on how much their denim have faded. We're looking at how much they've gotten involved, the variety and creativity of their submissions, and of course, how their denim have been worn and evolved (in the broader sense of that term). Check out the complete contest rules to become the most acclaimed artisan. 

To see the submission of fellow ›painters‹, simply click on the hashtag #sdadenimio2017. As people upload photos on their ›studios‹, you will see a great many of personal indigo exhibitions. 

Note that in order for your instagram photos to be entered into the contest, you will have to have your Instagram set to public. Click here for more information. 

The contest will start this Autumn and last one year. There will be lots of mini-challenges -›art fairs‹- along the way, where our contestants will have to showcase their creative prowess in various artful competitions to win great prizes along the way. These ›art fairs‹ will open up at the time they begin and will then remain open for your viewing pleasure - and as usual, the winner of the contest will win a trip to Japan to meet the Denimio team and get to know the unique denim culture. 

Unleash your inner artists, be it Rembrandt, van Gogh or Jackson Pollock. Good luck to all our artisans!

Think Blue. Think Denimio.