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You want cutting edge basics that will never go out of style? Meet SMOOTHDAY.

Smoothday focuses on producing excellent garments with a super soft feel and timeless, simple cuts that elevate every outfit to fit your form.

Put on a piece of SMOOTHDAY, focus on your skin, and take a deep breath! You will notice a comfort on you skin that you have never experienced before.

Every piece of garment is designed to fit your skin, to be the most delightful fabric that you have ever owned. The color, the shape, and the touch are all especially picked out to create the ultimate comfort. SMOOTHDAY makes it happen.

All their products are designed to be worn all year long, to be your second skin for 365 days around– after testing countless fabrics to get it just right.

Together with ONOMERIYASU, the legendary textile fabricant that has been in the business since 1924, they developed fabrics by starting with every single fiber, to the yarn, to the final textile. What they do is a cross between science and art, making fabrics that are so innovative that they actually have patents for them. This won’t sound strange to you once you put on one of their shirts which feels like cashmere but is 100% cotton.

By utilizing techniques that have been around for almost 100 years and combining it with state-of-the-art technology, SMOOTHDAY delivers garments that make every day a bit better, a bit smoother. Because sometimes a t-shirt is more than a piece of’s the ultimate comfort!

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