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Factory brand of ONOMERIYASU.


The history of "ONO MERIYASU" also know as "ONO", started in 1924 by Tetsugoro ONO, the founder.
Operation has began Edogawa-ward Tokyo with production of circular knits.

In 1960, the company established a knitting factory at Matsudo, Chiba-pref, next to Tokyo with more than 60 original knitting machines.
From the start of the business, the effort has been concentrated for manufacturing a fault free fabric with excellent stitch at higher quality level.

To be able to achieve it, the research has been made to produce its knitting machine itself, which lead the company to establish "machine production factory".

With more than 80 years history, ONO continues to produce machines to challenge in various filed of textile production.
The challenge never stops as this is one of a crucial philosophy of ONO.


"Fit to your skin"

Not only functional, not only beautiful.

Try turning your consciousness on your skin as if you breathe in deeply.
Will be noticed the existence of "touching comfort" that you didn't realize until now.

Color, shape, touch feeling is born "Fit to your skin" sense.
Here is the place to meet such pleasures.

Since it is 365 days to touch you, want all clothing products including clothing and bedding to be "Fit to your skin".

A consistent stance that is done from ONOMERIYASU, from a single fiber, until it is delivered to the customer.
From the very beginning, experience and skills that have kept dough in fabric.

By utilizing all the technologies we can bring, we will deliver essential value of"Fit to your skin" beyond the boundaries of age, sex and nationality.
And based on "Fit to your skin", we will send a culture from here to pass a smooth day.

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