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الاستعراضات التي جرت مؤخرا
مراجعة من قبل Timothée
What a wonderfull shirt! Color is all on this model. This orange is just stunning. Your mates and colleagues will call you the lumberjack^^
Samurai quality at his best: robust and well made.

One advice: take care of sizing. I normally wear a L and I ordered an XXL on this one!
مراجعة من قبل Timothée
A beautiful color, nice fit and really robust. What more can be say, perfect shirt for everyday!
مراجعة من قبل Jay Ee
This is a really sweet shirt and its price is wallet-friendly. After ogling thru the details and specs online, I decided to get one in S size. I'm 174.5cm tall and weigh 62 kgs but I'm thinner than ppl with the same height and weight.

The shirt has enough room not to be restrictive of movements. The shoulders fit nicely but the tummy and waist area is roomy, which means that the overall fit / silhouette is slightly on the slim side but may still be a tad baggy for people with a fit build. The length is just nice to leave untucked.

Product details are limited, whether on Denimio or Hinoya's Rakuten page so here's some interesting facts to aid your selection. The buttons are genuine MOP snap buttons from Belnap (YKK). The fabric is a stiff and hard, unsanforised 2x1 twill that has been washed hence will not shrink further even with hot water (I've tested). It is NOT "non wash" like Denimio says. Lastly, the fabric is a bit hairy, which the pics do not show you.

All in all, another good purchase *pats myself on the back* Gonna wear this for decades to come and enjoy its evolution.
مراجعة من قبل JAmes
Great shirt if you are looking for something a bit more lightweight and breathable, but with the aesthetics of a flannel shirt. Size up one.
مراجعة من قبل JAmes
Perfect if you are looking for a lightweight shirt with the aesthetics of a flannel. Great fit but SIZE UP ONE! Really happy with this.
مراجعة من قبل Stephan
Great Shirt with lovely details in a perfect 10OZ denim.
مراجعة من قبل Kenji
good fit, superb color, came with a tea pouch.

مراجعة من قبل Jordan82
Quality and fantastic detail ...
This is my first product Flat Head, and I must say I was really happy ..
مراجعة من قبل Albert
beautiful polo tee to complement your blue jeans - the frock print lettering at the back is unique. if only they could bring in more XXL size to be more comfortable and roomy. the shirt has side expandables. Denimio service is excellent as usual.
مراجعة من قبل robofunk
If you appreciate the details of this shirt your not going find an adequate alternative anywhere else. Highly recommended!
مراجعة من قبل Nils
I am 187cm and 80kg the size 4 fits me great. I could have used 1-2 cms longer arms. And 2-4 cms longer body. But the fabric is awesome. I love the buttons and the fit is great.
مراجعة من قبل robofunk
I bought this shirt during a trip to Hinoya in Ameyokocho and compared it to all the chambray shirts they had available. It was easily the best fitting and has lots of great selvedge details.
مراجعة من قبل MJ
Awesome quality, fit and service from Denimio
مراجعة من قبل Paul L
1. How do you like the cut/shape of this product?
Love the fit

2. How do you like the weight (oz) of this product?
Weight of fabric is good for summer and can be layered for winter

3. How is the texture & feeling of the garment?
Amazing fabric with lots of character

4. How is the sizing ( -2, -1, true size, +1) ? If you don't mind, Please also share your height/weight along with the size you selected.
I went size 36 - I'm 5ft 7inch weight 9 stone 10 pounds

5. What are the special details you like about this product?
Love the triple stitch run off and the two different pocket styles

6. (If applicable) How do you like the fade?
I don't think these shirts fade - they do seem to wash really well

7. Any other comment?
Bought this as a pre-order and the service from Denimio was great as usual

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