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Greatness and vintage coexist.
You want sophisticated items produced without any corners cut, without a rushed manufacturing process? You want the antithesis of the modern denim industry, that is mass producing fast fashion which simply doesn’t last? You will get all that and more from TROPHY CLOTHING.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
When you’re done ordering your pair of TROPHY CLOTHING jeans, your journey begins: The texture and the material will age beautifully and you just know that you made the right decision, buying something that lasts and is indeed "worthwhile". TROPHY CLOTHING have spent years to refine their cuts – the idea is that you do not even notice wearing Japanese Selvedge Denim anymore. It’s like being nude, but… you know… less awkward in public ;-)
Clothing that moulds to the body of the wearer like nothing else
TROPHY CLOTHING carefully select all their materials, their patterns are perfect after years of trials and errors, and all their products are made by craftsmen who have been skilfully sewing denim for decades – all this guarantees the highest comfort and satisfaction. Try a pair now and feel the difference!

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