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Studio D'Artisan successfully released a signature WWII vintage denim adapting 1940s style. 

Experience the Second World War workwear denim that will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

They have installed special specification buttons with red rust processing detail; a truly antique collection!

In a modern silhouette and regular rise, you can wear these jeans comfortably in a stylish aging look that you can't find in any other denim collection.

As you know, Japanese denim is primarily known abroad as an untreated raw denim, where everyone is free to write his "history" on the jeans he wears.
However, in Japan itself, jeans with different kinds of post-processing are not less popular.
As a rule, this is also a long and painstaking work to create a "man-made story" on jeans or jackets.

This time the company Studio D'Artisan released jeans and a jacket with spectacular long wear, performed with a lot of manual operations.
All elements of "artificial fading" are made as close as possible to "natural wear".
Jeans and a jacket have elements of working clothes of the Second World War, but they have a modern fit.
The release is recommended for those who would like to diversify their collection of jeans in a dense dark indigo :)


¥27,800 (Free Shipping)

Jacket based on the classic type I.
There is one breast pocket. At the back, the width is adjusted with a stitched hood-cinch back.


¥22,800 (Free Shipping)

- Straight regular-fit with medium landing height
- Denim with a density of 14OZ
- Carefully executed post-processing simulating a natural long-term wear process
- Leather patch with branding
- The rear pockets are reinforced in the lower part with a special lining
- The arch is painted (this was done on the old jeans of the 40s)
- Sacking pockets made of durable material in the "Christmas tree"
- Bolts in the form of a "donut" with a laurel wreath and an asterisk (also a tribute to the work clothes of past years
- The edge is cut and treated with an overlock

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