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At Denimio we do more than supply you with Japan’s highest quality denim.  We make it an experience. 


It starts with the moment you see a beautiful pair of jeans you’ve always wanted.  We get you that pair at the price you love and the fit you need.  From the moment you submit your order to the moment they arrive and you convince yourself you’re never going to take them off…perfect customer service is only part of the Denimio experience. 


The rest of the experience is up to you: What do you want to do in your jeans?

Shipping is free to most countries.




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Recent Reviews
This is a piece of art. The denim is top notch and the details are spot on. The fit is contemporary and very slim, but not skinny. It is a cut for men, not boys. Thank you for sending it to me. The sh...
Review by Markus Schleich
(Posted on 3/29/14)
Excellent Jeans with a slim silhouette, especially on the thigh area. It feels soft even though it is very heavy weight (15.5oz!).

Measurement is spot on on the And-Japan website. I live in Hong Ko...
Review by Abbott Lee
(Posted on 3/28/14)
Всем привет!
Это мои вторые PBJ, ну что сказать, все, как всегда на высоте, слабби деним, феноминальный цвет, детали ....... и как всегда мадам Канако на высоте)))...
Review by Igor Maleev
(Posted on 3/28/14)