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What is Denimio Loyalty?

It is super easy to join our loyalty program. Just create and account and start buying. The more you buy, the higher your status will be. Depending on your status, you will receive early access to limited editions and collabs, and get bigger discounts in our loyalty sales.

Denimio Loyalty Explained

Sign Up and Shop

Instantly become the Blue Classic member of Denimio Loyalty just from your first purchase

Enjoy The Benefit

You'll be entitled to exclusive benefits reserved for your membership status for any purchase you made in Denimio

More Suprises!

Means more benefits, privileges, and surprises you'll be getting. Stay tuned!

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Some of our Loyalty Perks

Points on purchases Higher your tier, the more points you could get after every purchase.

Advance Access Get a first look at new arrivals and receive special offers ahead of anyone else

Better Offers, Climb the Tier Blue Blood gets the biggest rewards, just shop more to get the best returns!

Blue Status in Denimio

The higher your status, the higher your rewards

0-40,000 JPY
Per Year
40,000-60,000 JPY
Per Year
60,000-80,000 JPY
Per Year
More than 80,000 JPY
Per Year

How to Get to Know Your Loyalty Status


Check out your loyalty status with Denimio live assistant in our web store.


Request status checking via email to

The new membership renewal period has been changed from every September 1st (annually) to be every August 1st (annually) . This means that the purchase amount calculated towards loyalty membership status was counted from Aug 1st (last year) to July 30th (this year) to determine every member's status for the next 1 year starting from Aug 1st onwards.

What Denimio Member Says

Terms & Conditions

Denimio loyalty membership program counts only cash purchases

made to Denimio, Please refer to the sample case below.


Total Product Price: JPY20,000

The customer uses 10% off discount code: discount JPY2,000

Total Payment Made: JPY18,000 = calculated towards loyalty

membership status


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Become a Member

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